$60.00 USD

The Classical Collective Choir Vocal Warmup Package

The Classical Collective Choir Vocal Warmup Package - the perfect solution for choir directors who are seeking to elevate their choir's performance and take their vocal warmups to the next level!

With 5 engaging vocal warmup videos, featuring melodies by popular composers like Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, and more, this downloadable package is designed to help your choir improve their vocal technique all while increasing their understanding and appreciation of music history!

Each video is expertly crafted to target specific vocal skills, including breath control, vowel formation, diction, and more. Not only are these videos professionally recorded and mixed, but they also feature a male vocal lead that can help encourage your male vocalists to project their own voice! This package also includes reproducible PDF's for each warmup video, so directors can easily incorporate these exercises into your choir's regular warmup routine or even use them as sight-reading exercises!

Download your copy today and give your choir the gift of exceptional, vocal warmups based on iconic works of art!

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